Apple watch

Many people forget their car keys anywhere in office or home and have fear to lose them, now there is one company which is ready with their new gatzaet to help them out that is apple. Yes apple watch will replace your car key and your tension to lose your car key.


According to an interview given by the CEO Tim cook of apple to telegraph, there watch is designed to replace keys of your car; it will work as your car key for car. Batrrey will last for whole day after one charge and will be Charge faster than an iphone.

Tim cook also said that apple watch also work as a credit card for the owner through apple pay, but he did not told that how user verification will work with watch. This watch will play a game changer in the world of watches.

He also said that sitting for long time is very bad for your health so this wrist gazet remained you to walk after every one hour and will rate your heart bit rate with blood pressure.

iPhone maker also looking to make a self-driving electric car, and is talking to genius car makers and automotive suppliers. There is an event on March 9, where it is expected to showcase apple watch, which will be launched in April.

There will be three models availed for it. Apple watch, apple watch sport and apple watch edition. All watches have cosmetic changes in their body.